Between you and me…

Do I really need another project? Probably not, but this isn’t really something all new. Filling girlfriends in on my latest recipe, secret skin saver, or workout trick is what I do. Now I’m rolling it all into one tidy social media outlet. My mom scoffed at my vision, calling it a throw back to the 50’s when women greeted their husband at the door with a cocktail and were certain to never leave the house without heels and the perfect pocket book. The difference, I explained, is I challenge every women puts the same effort into themselves as a women that they do put into their family as a mom. Putting on heels isn’t about impressing my husband, it is something that takes no extra time, but for whatever reason, makes me feel more pulled together and confident. The constant complaint I hear on the playground is that we miss our old bodies, our old freedom, our old relationships. All those things are still available if you shift your focus just slightly and take a moment for yourself. I’m no pro at this, but I’m learning, and I’m bringing you with me. The women you were before marriage and kids is still there, and an be stronger and healthier and more beautiful than ever!

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