As promised

As promised

I took on running this morning, as promised in my pledge to take over the workouts of my dear friend. It wasn’t pretty. I didn’t enjoy it. I didn’t even run all of it. I did, however, do it, and my calves and quads are hating me for it. I even made it to tonights tennis class, but I wasn’t footloose and fancy free. I haven’t run in probably 10 years, unless you count playing with the girlies, and no matter what tight-tushed celebrities might tell you, THAT is not what keeps them in shape. It was time for me though. Just me, TheBaby in a jog stroller, and some Spotify IndieKids tunes to motivate and entertiain. I may not have liked it, but I was smiling, and there is a good chance I’ll do it again tomorrow. This is a good plan. 🙂


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