self respect

Had to have a heart to heart with the middle girlie today about showing respect. She is sweet, funny, kind and compassionate, but respect is more than that.

Our actions, I explained, show how much we respect ourselves, others and our things. When you don’t clean up after yourself, throw toys and clothes all over the floor it does more than make the house look abandoned. It tells me you don’t care about your things, or our beautiful home and most importantly, me and our time together. Instead of reading, and dancing and baking and creating together, I’ll have to spend time playing janitor. Not my favorite!

I have to adhere to the same guidance. If I eat junk, don’t take time out for exercize and caring for my skin/hair, and let myself get run down, I’m showing the girlies, TheDad and our friends that I don’t respect myself. I’m telling everyone, “My family is worthy of love, but I am not.”

Why is it that everytime I try to teach the kids a lesson, I remind myself of one. 😉

Take care.


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