Time is Money, and I’m Still Slow From Mommy Brain

Time is Money, and I'm Still Slow From Mommy Brain

As shared on @529KidsConsign FB Wall:
Mom Tip Monday (belated!):
Don’t waste hours in the grocery store with clamoring kiddos! Peapod Delivers is the tool EVERY mom should use to simplify and shop smarter. Order all the staples from your computer, phone or iPad, and spend that extra time splurging on fav local produce, dairy and meats from the farmers market instead. http://peapod.tellapal.com/a/clk/HFFfQ
I use my menu plans, coupons, have a Gluten-Free filter applied and pre order for delivery when I get back from vacay or even to be delivered where I’m staying. It is a total game changer and the perfect baby shower or sprinkle gift. (No I’m not sponsored for this, but my delivery guy does give me extra coupons and free samples from time to time. ;p)
Take care!

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