Spring Cleaning

Spring Cleaning

I get questions from friends daily about being gluten-free and the mini-cleanses I do. I’ m as busy as any mom, and I get lazy with my menu planning and skip a meal myself from time to time, but there are certain things I always think about:
The girlies are learning from my example and how I fuel my body does not go unnoticed.
Food affects my mood.
Food affects my energy.
Food affects how easily I fit into the clothes I love. (Yes, vanity plays a part– I admit it!)
I have tons of gluten-free recipes posted on my Pinterest boards and I always bring treaties everyone will enjoy to potlucks, but from time to time even I need a reboot. The Arbonne 30days to Feeling Fit is the answer to that. It is gluten-free and very Paleo-like. For 30 days you simplify and commit to clean eating and daily exercise. Nothing tricky or overly complicated, and very easy to adjust to suit the whole family. Use these guidelines and the Arbonne products  along with the limitless recipes for clean eating and you are set. Maybe we can do it together and hold each other accountable? I’ll help you with the eating if you help me with my fitness routine? If only 30 days was all it took to reboot my booty!

Take Care!

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