Early Mother’s Day Gift

Rise up!My family treated me to the sweetest gift this morning, probably unbeknownst to them. I weigh myself every day. I know the trainers and diet books say it is a huge no-no, but I do. It keeps me on track and paying a little attention to my habits, and it gives me opportunity to put myself in check before I’m too far gone. This morning, before I’d had a chance to slurp down my second cup of coffee, I hopped on the scale. Last night was Cinco de Mayo and the feast of Mexican food trumped my nutritional wisdom and caloric judgment. What greeted me was the best treat a girl could ask for.

“112lbs”. WOO-HOO!!!
Jumping up and down on a scale is also probably not recommended, but that is exactly what I did. Somehow between yesterday and today TheDad or TheGirlies completely fouled up the calibration on my scale. It is delightful! I know with great certainty that I do not weigh 112lbs, nor have I weighed 112lbs at any point since junior high, but the scale says I do, so today I celebrate! Is it rational? Nope. Have I done anything to deserve the excitement? Nope. That’s why it is such a fabulous gift. 🙂 I finished my coffee, ate  some fruit and GF granola and prepared a little salad for lunch later to maintain my newfound (and imaginary!) trim physique. We don’t always have to be sensible, or practice moderation and self control. It is okay to be shallow and even slightly materialistic from time to time. Allowing ourselves silly little joys is also healthy because it uplifts and strengthens the spirit. I’m not going to go out and by a skimpy new swimsuit to match my skimpy new scale reading, but I will smile about it, until tomorrow or whenever someone gets around to recalibrating.

Take Care!

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