The Good Kind of Busy

A big field. Just the right amount of breeze and sunshine. A perfect Day.

A big field. Just the right amount of breeze and sunshine. Perfect Day.

I don’t think I’m alone in the theory that a busy family is a happy family. I’m not talking the overcommitment to sports and extracurricular activities, although we are definitely guilty of that from time to time. I’m talking about creating activity that gets everybody out of the house and out of eachother’s faces. My mom is a tourist welcome center brochure junkie. I’ve been to every oddball attraction, event, and festival you’ve never heard of, and I’m following in her habits. This month’s expeditions include, the National Arboretum, Geocaching and The Washington Nationals’ game– complete with running the bases! TheGirlies look sweet, but they bicker constantly, whine and cast themselves on the floor dramatically several times a day. Adventures are my saving grace. Somehow the change in environment instantly perks them up and distracts them from their annoyances. It means more shuffling around. It means packing snacks, changes of clothes and a bit of advance legwork. Sometimes the destinations aren’t as fantastic as we’d hoped. It is always worth the risk though. Hope the long weekend gave you the chance for a few adventures too.

Take Care!

One thought on “The Good Kind of Busy

  1. Check out the website and find some walking tours near you. They have 5K (3 mile) events that the girls should be able to do. Buy an event book and start collecting stamps for the events that you do.

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