The Last Hurrah…and Milk Paint Giveaway!

Bringing color into my home always makes me smile. I’ve realized, as we’ve moved over and over into different places each with odd quirks and flaws, that I may not be the This Old House gal I used to think I was. I think I’m more of a “This Old Kitchen Table” lady. I’m too impatient to deal with old pipes and plaster walls, and I hate creaky floors. Flea market or better yet… FREECYCLE furniture though? Heaven! A coat of milk paint and some heavy paste wax goes a long way towards making my battered old friends feel cheery again, and the history of the pieces I’ve aquired feels warm and safe. Maybe if I don’t win this giveaway, you will, and you’ll treasure a heap of scuffed wood the way I do. Grab the kids and start painting!

Miss Mustard Seed has gorgeous stacks of inspiration and tips for anyone with a budding interest. Worth the follow, for sure.

The Last Hurrah…and Milk Paint Giveaway!.

via The Last Hurrah…and Milk Paint Giveaway!.