Mom Times

There are good times, bad times and Mom times. Those moments when things are challenging and the rewards are bittersweet or sometimes even so sweet, they hurt? These are Mom times, in my book. I’ve got girlies at pretty much every stage at this point. The youngest is slowly getting over separation anxiety (very slowly!). My middle little is starting to pick up her big sister’s sassiness, but still needs to be cuddled to sleep at night. The oldest, a “tween” is moody, a bit explosive, but also a great pal to shop with and watch Project Runway. When they whine, or complain, distance themselves or balk at my rules, I know they are strengthening their confidence, and testing the limits of their independence. I can see how far the big girls have come when I look at our baby and how much she still needs me. I can imagine days without snuggles and a tiny hand in mine when I watch the eldest hop out of the car with iPhone and purse in hand for soccer practice. I’m in no hurry to be done with sleepless nights, or cutting up meals into choke-proof bites. I don’t mind doing first grade math homework or even talking about the perils of 12 year friends olds who are “dating”. It all flies by in the blink of an eye. Luckily I get three blinks.

Take Care.