Several years ago, I realized, that rather than trying to find myself as a mom, I needed to RE-find myself as a woman. I’d gotten so caught up in the roles I played as a mother, wife, room parent, volunteer, that I had lost a bit of who I’d always been. I dressed for functionality, read out of necessity and felt confidence only in the gratitude I’d get from completing my daily tasks in those roles– which wasn’t much. Doing laundry, organizing teacher’s gifts and running errands are thankless jobs!

Enter Inside the Mom. I loved clothes, art, accessories, philanthropic projects and events. I’d been a stylist and make-up artist and pampered my skin and worked on my physique. Why did I stop? Every bit of time I recommitted to those things I loved, purely for my own pleasure, made me feel stronger. I see moms struggling everyday with their own identity while they build phenomenal families and some develop incredible businesses. It is tough to juggle it all and fit everything in, but friends can help. We remind each other of the fun we had, the shops, music and parties we loved. We don’t judge on strengths and weaknesses. We just remind each other of who we were, once upon a time, and really, who we still are.

That is my task. As a friend to women I meet around Alexandria, Va. and the DC Metro area, I’m showing them the path back to who they are. I’ll remind them of the fun they’ll have this week at the playground having a Popsicle with the kids, on the date with their husband, or the brunch with  girlfriends, maybe the wedding out of town… without the kids! I’ll find an outfit they didn’t have the courage to try on, a hairstyle that makes them feel 20 again, and makeup that is that prefect balance of feminine and flirty.  We’ll RE-find her. Remember that woman you were before marriage and kids? She ‘s still in there.


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